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PMC X-TAC 5.56 Green Tips 62 Grain Penetrator 20 RDS

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 5.56 PMC X-TAC M855 62 grain Green Tip FMJ 5.56K LAP Ammo

X-TAC 5.56K

PMC X-TAC™ is tried and tested by military and law enforcement around the world. Designed and manufactured as if your life depended on it.
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When a serious threat arises and your life is on the line, that fraction of a second is the precise moment you can’t think about your ammunition. It’s that moment we think of every day. Our PMC X-TAC™ line of ammunition products is tried and tested by military and law enforcement around the world. Manufactured to the exacting specifications required by such organizations and demanded by our customers, X-TAC ™ is the choice for the professional and enthusiast alike. We know your job demands that you think of everything. But we also know that when the chips are down you shouldn’t be thinking about your ammunition.
Whether you are in uniform, on the job, at the range, in the field, or in your home, PMC X-TAC™ gives you the confidence to make the right choice. It’s the way we want it.

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TITLE: PMC X-TAC 5.56 Green Tips 62 Grain Penetrator 20 RDS

PRICE: 11.99
CALIBER: 5.56x45mm NATO
NUM ROUNDS: 20 Rounds
SHOT SIZE: (none)
CASING: brass


PMC X-TAC 5.56 NATO 62 Grain Green Tip LAP rounds are loaded with the SS109 steel core projectile. This projectile is an effective blend of lead core and hardened steel penetrator at the tip. Comparable to the famed Lake City M855, this is extremely high-quality ammunition used by military forces around the world. PMC's exacting adherence to the precise specifications of military and law enforcement organizations assures that X-TAC ammunition will perform perfectly in that fraction of a second when a serious threat arises and your life is on the line. Self-defense begins and ends with reliable, consistent ammunition. PMC (Precision Made Cartridge) makes incredibly consistent ammo, with careful attention to detail. Polished brass casings, neatly packed boxes of ammunition, and reliable and dependable components. All internal ammo components are made under the PMC umbrella of manufacturing, so they have complete control of their products. Military, police, and professionals alike all use PMC ammunition. Order online now!


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